Monday, 23 April 2012

Sat 21 Apr: 1 Voice NE event

We are starting a branch of 1 Voice in the North East. We had our first event at Northern Counties on Saturday 21 April. 

I gave a presentation about becoming an AAC Role Model. Jemima and Brigit gave talks too, and some parents and speech therapy volunteers shared their feelings about 1 Voice and what they have learned by going to 1 Voice weekends. 

We made a collage to mark the event and started designing a logo for 1 Voice North East.

Pics of my presentation on Facebook:

Sat 14 Apr: Cued Speech (2)

Alanna invited Me, John, Hannah and Terry to Newcastle Uni for another Cued Speech training today. Pics on FB:

Wed 11 Apr: AAC Report

AAC Specialist Speech Therapist Judy King sent her assessment report to college today. It's got LOTS of good advice for them.

Tues 10 April: Rock Antics

Me and Andrew went wall climbing with friends from DADLG.

Thur 5 April: Jacqui & ECO2

Jacqui from Liberator brought me an ECO2 communication aid to try for 2 weeks. It is a touchscreen laptop with the same communication software I have on my (9 years old) Pathfinder - 128 location LLL. I have a Vantage Lite on loan from Regional Communication Aid Services Newcastle as well. It can only go up to 84 keys, so lots of words are either missing or have been stored under different sequences to what I'm used to. I have to decide whether I want to carry around a 15" tablet with added weight of long-life battery and amplified speaker, but which has the programme I use on it, or go for the smaller, lighter (slightly) Vantage, and learn all the new places for the words. Then my AAC SLT can sign prescription for replacement of old device and Sequal Trust can start raising funds for new one.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Thur 5 April: Quads

Easter quad bike ride, hot pork sandwiches and egg & spoon race at Hardwick Park with friends from DADLG.

Wed 4 April: 1 Voice NE meet

Went to Brigit's at Wallsend to talk about what we will do at our first 1 Voice NE event Saturday 21 April at Northern Counties College 12.30 - 15.45.

Tues 27 Mar: LAMP @ Northern Counties

10.00 am this morning Mam suddenly remembered we should have been at the LAMP training and came to college to get me. We got to LAMP just in time for lunch. I enjoyed the afternoon.

Me with Cindy and Sarah.

Me with Jacqui and Mark.

29-30 Mar: Taekwondo, Court Inn, Home Ed

Taekwondo and a meal with friends from DADLG Thursday night. Andrew and Rob stayed at mine. On Friday Hannah came and we worked on my iMind website in Dreamweaver. Trish and baby Shaun came on Friday as well. First time we have all been together for ages.

Sun 25 & Sat 31 Mar: One to One iMovie (1&2)

25 March Ricky showed me around the new iMovie interface, the different ways to import media, scrubbing, trimming and marking clips, moving selections from event viewer to project, adding titles and transitions, sharing my project with YouTube...

31 March John got me to show him what I'd already learned and then showed me lots more moves in iMovie - picture in picture, split screen, green screen, Ken Burns, adjust volume, slow motion, rewind and more transitions and affects.

More pics on FB:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sat 17 Mar: Cued Speech

Cued Speech training at Newcastle University with speech therapy students Alanna Bentley and friends. Nicholas Orpin was the trainer. Alanna invited us to do it again Saturday 14 April. Cued Speech makes spoken language visible. There is a sign for each of the 44 speech sounds of spoken English.

More Pics on FB:

Movie of Jenee Petri cueing the song Summer Nights from Grease: