Tuesday, 27 November 2012

20 Nov: Katy came to Visit

Katy came for a short visit on her way back down south.

19 Nov: V Pen Last Day

18 Nov: Missed Jade Jones

17 Nov: Laser Quest, Pizza & Bowling

Laser Quest, Bowling and pizza at Planet Leisure in Aycliffe with DADLG. 

16 Nov: V Pen Chat with Gemma

Gemma came to visit and chat using the V Pen. Then feed the horses on the way home.


14 Nov: Lauren Came to Visit

Lauren helped put some sounds on the V Pen pages.

11 Nov: Clay Pigeon Shooting w/ DADLG

Clay pigeon shooting at Catterick Garrison with DADLG. I got 4!


6 Nov: Dad Help Look at Camper Vans

Dad came to help me and Mam look at camper vans.

3 Nov: Bonfire Night at Home

Bonfire night at my house. Roxanne, Hannah and the kids came to visit. We could see other displays and had our own.


2 Nov: Rowing with DADLG

Rowing class at Maiden Castle Graham Sports centre with DADLG. 


1 Nov: Quad bikes & Wall Climb

Quad bikes at Hardwick Park and Wall climbing at Aycliffe Leisure Centre with DADLG.


31 Oct: Halloween at Hardwick Park

Today I met Mr. Ian Guyll. Had a walk around Hardwick Park for for the Halloween walk.

30 Oct: 1 Voice North East

28 Oct: Dinner at Roxanne's

26 Oct: Lauren came to Visit

Lauren came to visit and helped with some Language Stealers editing.


19 Oct: Maths with Hannah

16-17 Oct: Language Stealers HD, AAC Day Chat

Uploaded Language Stealers HD to AAC FaCE YouTube channel.

Michael and Lauren made a  less than 2GB version of Language Stealers HD to share with everyone in the AAC Day 24-Hour Chat via YouSendIt.

Language Stealers HD on YouTube:

Pics on Facebook:

12 Oct: Disney on Ice

Michael, Andrew and friends from DADLG at Metro Arena for Disney on Ice. Michael trying to enjoy but was poorly and had to go out for fresh air a few times.

More pics on Facebook: