Sunday, 31 May 2009

31 May 09: Samuel Sennott's Web

Today Sam posted a link to Caroline Musselwhite's videos on YouTube. I met Caroline, and Sam, at the ISAAC Conference in Montreal last August, and I was at Caroline's Literacy Study Day in Dunfermline 11 May.

If only our teachers and speech therapists would learn from AAC specialists like Caroline!

Sam's site:
Movies from Caroline on YouTube:

AAC Awareness 2009: Many Methods, One Goal: To Communicate

ISAAC is celebrating its third International AAC Awareness Month in October 2009.

This year's theme is Many Methods, One Goal: To Communicate.

People from all over the world who use alternative communication will be sharing photos, videos, slideshows and stories to show us the different methods they use.

The closing date is 15 September if you would like to send something in.

For more info visit

Email with any questions.

Submit your work to

ISAAC - International Society for Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Sunday, 17 May 2009

7-10 May: Silence is the Loudest Voice

'Silence is the Loudest Voice' - AAC Photographic Exhibition by Dawn Davies, Discovery Centre, Bishop Auckland.

Dawn invited us to share her space at the exhibition. We took along our stories and artwork from 'Many Stories, One Voice', our Word Wall, communication book, PowerPoint voice output communication aid, and some DVDs from 1 Voice and Communication Matters.

Dawn's project was to meet families around County Durham who have children with communication impairments. Her aim was to find out how many of the chidlren have a communication aid, and if local professionals (teachers, speech therapists, doctors) were telling the families about AAC.

They are not, but they should be, and we hope Dawn's project and our AAC work will raise awareness of what is available and that these children do have a right to a voice.

1-3 May: Headlines Weekend

A great time together with friends I only see once a year, altho last year we met up again in July for climbing, caving and abseiling, and we're doing it again this July - looking forward. Always enjoy the Holiday Inn. It's good for a swim and TenPin bowling and LaserQuest nearby.