Thursday, 28 February 2008

29 Days: 28 Feb: Journeys by Night

Today we worked with Abbi Barker in a dark space with fluorescent lights. We shared our dreams and talked about angels. We made angels out of fluorescent card and laminated them.

Can I spell fluorescent? Not yet. So how did I write it? I use my Pathfinder communication aid connected to my computer to write. I can type on it by spelling, but I don't have to spell everything. It has 6,500 whole words already on it for me to choose from. I made fluorescent up by adding together shorter words: flu - or - e - scent.

This is Abbi and my friend from Derwentside College.

And this is Babs, who helped me in today's workshop. Babs is bringing me her old Dyson tomorrow.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

29 Days: 20 Feb: Full Size Body Image

Jane Few Dodds runs the body image workshop. My picture will be a map of everything I like and do, and would like to do. Jane cut the paper. Donna drew round me. I painted me.

Jane had some labels ready for us to write things on, and pictures to cut up. I brought some pictures with me. I'll be working on this again next Thursday.

It turned out great. Now people can know me in a minute. I'm really looking forward to working on it some more.

29 Days: 19 Feb: Movie Techniques

Today we had a movie making workshop with Steve Carolan from Shoot Yer Mouth Off. We watched two short movies and talked about them. We talked about what issue we would make a movie about, and storyboarded it on a flip chart.

Our movie was about the problems disabled people have trying to keep friendships. Some people move house a lot. Some people go to different day centres or schools or live a long way from their friends. Some people can't go out on their own. Some people can't talk so it's hard to ask for the help they need to to see their friends.

I was in the dissappearing friends scene and I talked to Steve on camera, but I had to go home at dinner time, so I don't know how the movie turned out. We will see it next week.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

29 Days: 12 and 13 February: Animation

Rachel Clarke is working with using blue screen video technology and stop motion animation.

John is on the Person Centred Plan team. He interviewed me about my hobby of collecting vacuums, and asked if anyone ever tell me I spend too much money on them!

29 Days Festival: 12 February: Computer Profile

I started my personal computer profile in pictures, working with Dan Forth.

Mark let me try his coat on today!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

29 Days Festival Person Centred Planning Workshops

I am going to 10 of the 29 day workshops where the Person Centred Plan team will get to know me and another 100 adults with learning disabilities and what we want to do with our lives during fun activities.

on Monday I made some felt out of coloured wool and made it into a picture of my favourite vacuum, the Hoover Z, and an angel.

yesterday I made a collage of my favourite things.

This is me with Mark, my Person Centred Plan coordinator.