Tuesday, 27 November 2012

20 Nov: Katy came to Visit

Katy came for a short visit on her way back down south.

19 Nov: V Pen Last Day

18 Nov: Missed Jade Jones

17 Nov: Laser Quest, Pizza & Bowling

Laser Quest, Bowling and pizza at Planet Leisure in Aycliffe with DADLG. 

16 Nov: V Pen Chat with Gemma

Gemma came to visit and chat using the V Pen. Then feed the horses on the way home.


14 Nov: Lauren Came to Visit

Lauren helped put some sounds on the V Pen pages.

11 Nov: Clay Pigeon Shooting w/ DADLG

Clay pigeon shooting at Catterick Garrison with DADLG. I got 4!


6 Nov: Dad Help Look at Camper Vans

Dad came to help me and Mam look at camper vans.

3 Nov: Bonfire Night at Home

Bonfire night at my house. Roxanne, Hannah and the kids came to visit. We could see other displays and had our own.


2 Nov: Rowing with DADLG

Rowing class at Maiden Castle Graham Sports centre with DADLG. 


1 Nov: Quad bikes & Wall Climb

Quad bikes at Hardwick Park and Wall climbing at Aycliffe Leisure Centre with DADLG.


31 Oct: Halloween at Hardwick Park

Today I met Mr. Ian Guyll. Had a walk around Hardwick Park for for the Halloween walk.

30 Oct: 1 Voice North East

28 Oct: Dinner at Roxanne's

26 Oct: Lauren came to Visit

Lauren came to visit and helped with some Language Stealers editing.


19 Oct: Maths with Hannah

16-17 Oct: Language Stealers HD, AAC Day Chat

Uploaded Language Stealers HD to AAC FaCE YouTube channel.

Michael and Lauren made a  less than 2GB version of Language Stealers HD to share with everyone in the AAC Day 24-Hour Chat via YouSendIt.

Language Stealers HD on YouTube:

Pics on Facebook:

12 Oct: Disney on Ice

Michael, Andrew and friends from DADLG at Metro Arena for Disney on Ice. Michael trying to enjoy but was poorly and had to go out for fresh air a few times.

More pics on Facebook:

Monday, 8 October 2012

8 Oct: Park with Trish & Shaun

This morning I measured some of my hoovers with Hannah and compared them with some in the Argos catalogue.

This afternoon I went to see Trish and Shaun and we went to the park.

Then last minute clean for MOT tomorrow.

6-19 Oct: Maths with Hannah

Friday, 5 October 2012

3 Oct: V Pen from Ability World: Trial ⧣1

Michael tried out the Voice Pen and Talking Paper kit from Ability World in October and November. His family, friends and staff helped him to make a page set that he could still use after the trial was over  by importing the file into the free Voice Symbol player on his iPad.

The pages we made (Facebook photo album): 

Ability World website: 

1-5 Oct: Calendars Photo Dates Blog

5 months in 5 days. May to October almost done.


30: Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium

Today Me, John, Andrew and Mam went to Pelaw Dog racing track with DADLG. I didn't win any bets because John gave me rubbish advice. We had a huge carvery dinner too.

29 Sep: Quad bikes

Quad bikes with DADLG again today. It was a bit muddy.

28 Sep: Hannah Gemma Important to me

Gemma helped Michael place 'Important to Me' labels on a chart.

26 Sep: Top Gear Karting vs Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 came in the post just before we set off for 1 Voice and CM 5 days ago. Got back last night and been on it ever since. I will miss karting with my friends tonight but I need a day off and I need to play Borderlands!


23-25 Sep: Communication Matters

21-23 Sep: 1 Voice Media Madness

We made a time capsule of how we communicate in 2012, made music and were filmed. I enjoyed the disco. I asked Tamsin to dance and told her I love her. She gave me a Metolux retro carpet sweeper. On the Sunday a wheelchair basketball team gave us a display and then we played. I scored 15 nets in a row and they said I was shooting better than them! I want to find a local team to play with.

20 Sep: Dad Paul Squire

Dad, John, Paul and my nephew Squire came to visit today.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

15 Sep: Party!


12 Sep: Keynote Builds and Autism Referral

This afternoon I asked my GP to refer me for Autism assessment.

One to One at Apple today to animate phonemes and graphemes for my Keynote. 

Andrew slicing some text in Fireworks (August 2012) ready to animate in Keynote:

11 Sep: 23 Today

23 today. Having a chill out day. Looking forward to the party at the weekend.

7 Sep: Harwell and Beaconsfield

Tonight we are at Aunty Claire's at Harwell near Oxford. Me, Mam, Claire and Lauren go for a walk before supper. John and uncle Mick go for a bike ride and meet Katy at the pub for supper.

Saturday and Sunday we go to Headlines Family Weekend at The Bell House Beaconsfield. Me and John enjoy the swimming pool and gym while the young ones do activities and the parents have workshops. Everyone has dinner and disco together on the night.


26 Aug: Dad's birthday

We took Dad some single malt for his birthday and watched a camper van programme on TV. I would like a VW camper. Next Monday Dad is taking us to Grassholme reservoir in his camper.

24 Aug: Boomba Down the Tyne

Me, Mam, John, cousin Claire and Hannah went to The Lawnmowers' and Brazilian guests' Boomba Down the Tyne at Millennium Bridge and Sage Gateshead.

21 Aug: Cycling with Claire

Me and cousin Claire went cycling with DADLG in Cumbria.

20 Aug: Dreamweaver

Working with Fluid Grid Layouts, Floating Divs, CSS Drop Down Menus and iFrames, with Terry, John, Hannah and Tom.  

page. division. list. item. link. style rule.

More pics on Facebook:

18-19 Aug: Clan Gatherings & Fox Cub

Louise and Darren brought my nephew and niece Frankie and Sophia to my Dad's today. Aunties, Uncles and cousins party at mine tonight. On Sunday we walked to the Fox Cub for tea.

16 Aug: Rock Antics & Quad Bikes

DADLG wall climbing at Rock Antics. Lunch at Hardwick Park visitor centre. Quad bikes at Low Hardwick.


15 Aug: Top Gear Karting Pizza & Accent 1200

Top Gear Karting and Pizza Hut with DADLG and then Jacqui came to show me the new Accent 1200 communication aid from Liberator. I like it and I want one.

Accent 1200 on Liberator website:

14 Aug: Planet Leisure Ann George John O'Groats

I went bowling this morning. Tonight Ann, George and Claire called in on their way to be with Mick and Lauren for the last few days of their cycle ride to John O'Groats.

9-13 Aug: Language Stealers HD

Thursday I did the first two frames of Language Stealers HD with Lil at the Apple shop. Me, Andrew, Gemma and John worked on it all weekend and Lil was shocked on Monday when she saw we had finished it. She did the sound check with me and asked could she recommend it for 'Best in Class' at the upcoming One to One training exhibition. Yes Please!