Thursday, 19 September 2013

16 Aug: Frazer, Joyce,

15 Aug: Wall climb & Swim

14 Aug: Squire, HTJ Talk Mat design

10 Aug: Frankie & Sophia at Dad's

9 Aug: Rob sleepover

8 Aug: Keswick


7 Aug: Squire between vets

6 Aug: Gym & Lunch

3 Aug: Ann and George BBQ Tudhoe

1 Aug: Trish and Shaun to the park

31 July: NO Hannah Trish

30 July: Clay Pigeon Shooting & Squire Stay

Clay Pigeon Shooting in the morning with John and DADLG. Squire and Sharon come to stay for the night on the way home.

25 July: Taz, Frankie & Sophia 6yo

Thursday, 8 August 2013

10 July: Calendars & iPhoto

Michael and Hannah take Trish and Shaun to the park while Terry and John re-date photos from the camera with the dodgy clock, update and sync calendars from October 2012 and make blog titles from October 2012. It will take a few sessions to bring it all u to date.

Friday, 26 July 2013

24 July: South Park w/ Hannah, Trish & Shaun

I went to South Park in Darlington with Hannah, Trish and Shaun. We took Trish and Shaun to McDonald's. I vacuumed upstairs for Trish. I got three coats. Trish gave me her black coat and Shaun's blue ski suit. Hannah gave me Jack's blue jacket.

Yesterday Michael visited Paul Squire and 'forgot' to return his coat as he had to dash to the car :)

22 July: Accent Loan

The Accent 1000 arrived today for a 2 week loan.

20 July: Bowling w/ Jemima

We went bowling at the Metro Centre for Jemima's farewell party. I enjoyed the bowling. I beat John. I enjoyed the bungee trampoline too.

17 July: Top Gear Karting w/ DADLG

I crashed because I was thinking about Paul Squire's and Shaun's coats. 

16 July: Old PC Fixed

John got the old PC fixed today. We got a lot of our old pictures and videos back. Just need sorting through now.

15 July: Accent 1000 Demo

Jacqui Malthouse from Liberator came to demonstrate the Accent 1000. It was brilliant.

13 July: Quad Bikes at Dalton Percy

Feeling better enough today. Went to a new Quad Bike course at Dalton Percy with DADLG.

12 July 2013: No 1Voice

No 1 Voice this weekend because Michael is still ill.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

9-11 July: Grey Jumper over wall, no visits

What happening with grey jumper in rubbish bag? Because finished with it and not see friend today.

Michael wanted to visit Paul Squire, Trish and Charlene, but they were all out. Michael nearly fell over the wall trying to retrieve his jumper.

Trish is out, Paul & Sharon are going shopping and Charlene is out. Michael is not happy.

8 June: scanning photos of Brad

7 July: Trish n Shaun n Joyce

After a day with Paul Squire and Dean, Joyce, Trish and Shaun Came to visit.

5-6 July: Squire & Dean sleepover, DADLG Team Reptiles

Michael took Dean and Paul Squire to Team Reptiles with DADLG. They stayed at his house over night and played in the garden the next day. 

I enjoyed it.

4 July: black joggers and black jumper fall

3 July: black and grey jumpers; shorts fall, Lauren A

2 July: socks lost and found

1 July: Cut grass; John back

Michael, with help from Mam, used the petrol lawn mower for the first time today. He usually leaves this for John but he didn't get back from holiday until later. 

30 June: DADLG Walk; Rowan's 4th; Sunset black and grey jumpers

Today Michael went on the DADLG annual walk at Hardwick Park. 

29 June: 1 Voice NE

28 June: grey jumper wind scuff cuff

27 June: Caitlin's red jacket

26 June: shorts over wall

25 June: blue body Dad's dustbin, puffa and Squire pj's in hall

21 June: Willowman

Willowman with friends and family. 

20 June: Dad

19-20 June: pack for Willowman, Dad, Taekwondo, shorts

18 June: Fishing shelter; more macs, black body wall

17 June: Macs,

15 June: J washing, remnants in T room

14 June: red purple wait coast

13 June: green, black, orange sun then rain, DADLG Court Inn

Hanging out clothes in the sun. Then it started to rain. Then to Court Inn for meal with DADLG

11 June: Travis blue coat

10 June: think terry blue coat

9 June: gardening Ann; coats to Dean Charlene,

8 June: grey white pinstripe

7 June: 1 Voice NE @ Altogether Better; Move Dad; Dean's Birthday BBQ

2-6 June: clothes