Friday, 13 March 2009

Janitor Rap

This animation was made for me in 2004/05 but we didn't release it then because one of the last lines says "I could have been more than a Janitor, if they'd taught me More Core" and we wanted everyone to know what we mean by 'Core' first.

'Core Words' or 'High Frequency Words' are a set of around 400 common words that everybody says every day. They include the National Literacy Strategy Words.

Imagine you can't talk but you have a communication aid with all these words on it, stored under keyboard shortcuts, but no one at school teaches you the shortcuts or how to read and write. You can't talk to your friends much and your chances of doing something interesting at college aren't very good.

Well that's what happened to me.

I am campaigning for people with communication disabilities to be given a way to say these words, and to be taught how to read and write them. The Princess Diana Award and Radiowaves are helping me make my campaign go national this summer.