Monday, 20 February 2012

Fri 17 Feb: Missed Ice Skating & 1:1 Keynote

Was going to SNAPPS ice skating at Billingham Forum but I got sick after Taekwondo Thursday and didn't feel like going anywhere. Next SNAPPS session is in April so not long.

Was still feeling not too good and coughing all night by Sunday so missed my 1 to 1 training session at Apple too.

Thur 16 Feb: Wall Climb & Quad bikes

We went with DADLG to Aycliffe Leisure Centre for a wall climb. I climbed to the top four times.

In the afternoon we went to Hardwick Park for lunch and a ride on the Quads. Then we went to Tae Kwon Do in the evening, busy but fun day!
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Photos on Facebook:
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Mon 13 Feb: Exercising on the Bike

I started using the exercise bike to strengthen my knees and did 1.3km. The next day I did 0.6km and then 1.2km. I'm planning to keep this up each day.

Wed 8 Feb: Pixons, Cued Speech

Pixon Kit arrived from Liberator today. £21 instead of £99 to celebrate their 21st birthday. It comes with 6 CDs of printables and a manual of lesson plans to teach teachers how to facilitate language. The carry case is luggage material with clear plastic windows.

The Kit only has 200 words in it because it has a symbol for each word. Without symbols it can hold 500+ words and Terry is rearranging the 500 words I helped her colour-code and type A4 portrait 5 years ago to make them fit the Pixon pockets - and each new word group fits perfectly over the Pixon groups!

Cued Speech makes spoken language visible. Using just 8 hand shapes in 4 positions there is  a sign for each of the 44 sounds that all words are made of.  

I have invited my classmates, teachers, LSA’s, family and PA’s to Cued Speech training at my house Monday 27 February at 10 am. I hope someone from college will come and learn with me as I have hearing loss and cueing will make sure I do 'hear' what everyone says.

Screenshot from Cued Speech E-Learning site:

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wed 1 Feb: Apple 1to1 & PP - Keynote

Today I made an animated slide in Keynote from my 'three sounds of ch' phonics art. I added text and inserted symbols to Shapes, imported phoneme sounds to iTunes and then to the slide, and applied Builds. When I got home I downloaded the free TTS program TypeIt! ReadIt! and made sound files for the words, inserted them and applied Builds. 'Drop' might not be my final choice for the Builds. It is the one my trainer Mike showed me in my lesson.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Tues 31 Jan: College Review

Monday 30 Jan: Social Worker Visit

Sat 28 Jan: 1 Voice NE, Aunty Claire

This afternoon met with Brigit and Jemima at Newcastle City Library cafe to plan the first 1 Voice North East event. It will be at the end of March.

Tonight we went to Grandma's for cake and champagne for Aunty Claire's birthday. I didn't like the champagne. Don't like fizzy drinks or alcohol or hot drinks but the cake was nice.

Friday 27 Jan: Dean & Charlene New House

We helped Dean and Charlene move into their new house today. They managed to move house much faster than we did!


Sun 22 Jan: Apple 1to1: Camera Techniques

I had my 1 to 1 session in Newcastle about advanced camera techniques.

Fri 20 Jan: Play Shack with Trish & Shaun

I went to the Play Shack with Trish, Lee and Shaun. We had our tea there. Great time!

Mon 16 Jan: No Hannah :(

Hannah started work as a LSA at my college but not in my class. She is doing 4 days a week there and can't work for me Friday's until July. I will miss her.