Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sat 10 Mar: Horse Riding

I went horse riding at the RDA today. It has been three years since I was there. I rode Tully. 

Fri 9 Mar: Core Upgrade: 500 Words, No Symbols

The new pages for my Pixon communication book are done. Now I have 500 core words instead of 200 and I like it better with no symbols.

Pictures at:

Thurs 8 Mar: Pathfinder Training for Staff

Me and my family were not allowed to be there so we don't know what they learned.

Wed 7 Mar: Go Karting

Go Karting with DADLG at Top Gear Karting Durham.

Sat 3 Mar: Jemima's 21st

Pictures at:

Fri 24 Feb: 84 LLL, TalkTablet, AbiliPad

While I am chilling and getting better, Terry is putting 84-icon LLL software on the Vantage Lite I'm borrowing from Liberator to check out if it's the machine I'd to replace my old Pathfinder with.

A friend sent us a pic of TalkTablet app with one of our core words displays on it so we went to iTunes to check it out, found the app can have over 200 cells on a page, and downloaded it.

Another friend rec'd AbiliPad app, which looks a lot like Clicker so downloaded that also.

I will look at it all later.